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Radiation Protection
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Radiation Protection Suit
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The Demron™ coverall is constructed with an integrated hood, heat sealed seams, and seam seal tape for added protection.

Tailored for evacuation in a dispersed low energy environment. The Demron™ Radiation Protection Suit is a full body suit complete with an integrated hood, heat-sealed seams, and seam seal tape for added protection.

The suit was engineered to provide protection during the evacuation of a dirty bomb. Due to advanced molecular design, the Demron™ coverall allows for better heat dissipation than other impermeable protective fabrics, providing the user with a cooler core environment.

The suit is an excellent shield of high-energy beta particles, such as those emitted from Strontium-90, and provides at least 50% shielding of gamma rays up to 130 Kev.

Demron Full Body Suit Flyer (English)

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