Bomb Suit: Ultimate Protection for Bomb Disposal Squad - MODEL MFBP 150

1. Armored vest with neck protector that give protection to the front and back of the wearer.

2. Front pocket for additional ballistic insert to increase the level of protection up to an explosion impact of 250 gr. dynamite bombs combined with steel projectiles.


1. The protective pants are designed so that they can be put on quickly and allow for maximum flexibility of the wearer.


The inner side of the BDS is made with a phase-change thermocouple liner, Made by OUTLAST, which adapts to the wearer ideal body temperature at all times, maximizing the comfort and increase functional efficiency.


Ballistic resistant helmet with double protection ballistic visor made of twin layers of Polycarbonate - V50 - 600 m/sec (2000 ft/sec).


1. The protection material of the suit is made of Aramid, which is a highly effective ballistic fabric affording an optimal level of security.

Suit: V50-600 m/s (2000 ft/sec). Hard Armor: Ceramic plate or Unidirectional Polyethylene plates threat level III & IV.


1. Suit (two parts) size L: 12 kgs Approx. 2. Ceramic Plate :Between 3.3 to 5 kg. depending on shape and size. 3. Helmet with Visor: Approximately 3 kg.

tech clip

One of the most important means of reducing the hazard of inadvertently triggering a hidden mine Folds into a packet: 45x18x10cm Lightweight: 2.1 kg


The only protection on which the bomb disposal technician can rely on, during his very dangerous and sensitive task, to dismantling explosive devices, is the protection of the BOMB DISPOSAL SUIT.

The Bomb Disposal Suit was developed after a thorough study based on the experience of the Israeli sapper who has to confront risk, in maintaining his important task of bomb disposal.

The suit has two parts, an upper one which give protection to the chest and the neck and a lower one which protects the genital and the legs.

The inner side of the suit is made with a phase-change termocouple liner, developed by OUTLAST TECHNOLOGIES, a pioneer and developer of phase-change technology (PCT), to maximizing the comfort and functional efficiency of the wearer and adapts ideal body temperature at all times.

Unlike other bomb disposal suit, the E.E version, with its adjustable straps, enable the sapper to don, walk and run freely. He can remove either both parts of the suit part without any assistance from any other persons.

The ballistic material of the suit is made of an Aramid fabric, which is a highly effective and gives an optimal level of security. Because of the nature of the bomb disposal expert’s work (while approaching or moving away from the lethal device, the bomb disposal expert is always facing the device), particular emphasis has always been placed on protecting the chest and the genital, while unnecessary weight has been taken off the rear section of the suit.

The Bomb Disposal Suit can withstand the impact of either a hand grenade or an explosive device with similar explosive power.

Bomb Disposal Suit is certified by the Israeli Military and Police Authorities and it is in current use with their Bomb Dismantling Division.

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