NBC Airport Package



The Airport Package was developed to combat the increasing threat of international terrorism.

Using their many years of experience within the field of decontamination, OWR has provided a complete decontamination package to counter the results of a possible attack within the airport environment.

The Airport Package is a mobile decontamination system which can be set up at any incident site and be ready to decontaminate in a very short period of time.

The Airport Package offers a complete containerised system for the efficient decontamination of:

  • Persons
  • Baggage
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft (internal and external)
  • Features:
  • The system is installed in
    a20' ISO Container with roll-on frame.
  • Suitable for transportation on all vehicles with their own roll-on system.
  • Especially designed to be used in an airport environment, but also can be
    used for civil defence.
  • Up to 120 people can be decontaminated per hour.
  • Fast set-up time < 45 min.
  • Own power supply.

  • Fresh water supply.
  • Hot water preparation.
  • Inflatable tents with shower system for decontamination of personnel.
  • Tent heating and lighting.
  • Integrated waste water tank for waste water.
  • Disposable clothes and drying towels.
  • All required accessories included in the system.
  • Solid 20' container with roll-off frame.
  • Fast set-up time < 45 min.
  • Capacity: 120 persons/hour.
  • Fresh water supply - 3000 ltr.
  • Hot water preparation.
  • 2 inflatable tents with a total of 4 decontamination lines.
  • Integrated waste water tank for waste water.
  • Waste water pump.
  • Disposable clothes and drying towels.
  • Removable tent floor.
  • Size: 600 x 450 x 280 cm (27 m²) (L x W x H).
  • Size (packed): 120 x 80 x 45 cm (L x W x H).
  • Weight: 75 kg.

  • Lights: 2 illumination sets (inside - outside)
  • 1 Blower B, 1 kW.
  • 1 Instantaneous water heater.
  • Inside tent with 4 shower places integrated curtains with zips, trays.
  • 1 inducer for mixing the detergent alkaline.
  • Set of nozzles for showering with decontamination liquid and separate nozzles for showering only with water.
  • Rubber mats in dressing rooms and shower room. A total of 4 pieces.
  • Heating system for the tent.
  • Supplied complete with all required accessories for the system.
  • Modul 2: PGE - Persons Large Task
  • Roll-on, roll-off framed Container.
  • Fast set-up time.
  • External fresh water supply (via hydrants with buffer tanks).
  • Hot water preparation including inducers.
  • 4 inflatable tents with a total of 8 decontamination lines.
  • Waste water pumps.
  • Tent heating and lighting.
  • External waste water tanks (foldable tanks).
  • 2 blowers.

  • Disposable clothes and towels.
  • Supplied complete with all the required accessories in the system (hoses, tent equipment etc.).
  • Capacity: 240 persons/hour.

  • Modul 3: GFF - Baggage, Vehicles and Aircraft
  • Roll-on, roll-off framed container.
  • Quick set-up time.
  • High pressure cleaner.
  • DEDAS mixing unit for the preparation of the decontamination emulsion.
  • 3 inflatable tents.
  • 2 decontamination units (DECOFOG/TURBOFOG) for the decontamination of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Decontamination using fogging units and GD-5 emulsion, which is non-corrosive to baggage and sensitive equipment.
  • Drainage tray for contaminated water.

  • A two tent system for the decontamination of injured and non injured persons. The tents have been especially designed for situations in which insufficient manpower is available for a conventional tent system.

    The tent system can be easily and immediately inflated using an air blower and is designed to be inflated in minimal time.

    The compressed air tents can be deflated using the same unit.

    The tents are suitable for all weather conditions and do not require specially prepared ground.

    However, in order to achieve an efficient drainage system the surface under the shower tub should be as flat at possible and should not be positioned on strongly overgrown ground.

    The product is made from very high quality material with a long life guarantee.

    The tents are constructed with partitions enabling the shower area to be separated from the dressing and undressing areas. The shower cabin is equipped with several spray nozzles.

    1.The first area of the tent is used for undressing. The side wall is equipped with an opening to enable contaminated material to be taken out of the tent area.

    2.The next area is for showering. Detergents resp. decontaminants or disinfectants are automatically added to the water by a dosage pump. The shower uses a 3 phase cycle, starting with a rinse, followed by the decontamination phase, and then the final rinse.

    3.The final area is for dressing. The two exits to the tent have a width of 1.5 m. and are equipped with 2 zips. The tent has two openings to allow heating to be blown in by warm air heaters.

    The tents are supplied with all the required hoses and water ducts which are integrated in the shower cabin.

    A tent heater allows comfortable showering even in cold temperatures and 2 benches aid the dressing and undressing process.Water Tanks

    Two fresh water tanks and one waste water tank are installed in the container. The fresh water tanks have a capacity of 1500 ltr. and are used for the showers. The waste water tank has a capacity of 3000 ltr. and collects the waste water from the showers by the use of a waste water pump.

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