Bio Safety Equipment


BSP 400 is very lightweight and loose-fitting. It is worn over normal clothing and leaves enough space and leeway for spectacle wearers or the use of radio or intercom equipment. The hands can be retracted inwardly from the gloves and sleeves.

An integrated belt, that is connected to the ventilation system, prevents tensile strain on the suit skin through pulling the air hose.

A special hose system distributes the air with different volumes to head and extremities as breathing and cooling air.

Reusable Bio Safety Level 4 Protective Suit BPS 400

Due to quickly spreading infectious diseases, that occur more and more often, it is necessary to take appropriate protective measures, particularly for research facilities and laboratories.

Apart from other protective measures international regulations for laboratories, where viruses, bacteria, spores etc. are handled, request the availability of protective suits that work with an external air supply that is independent from the ambient air.

BPS 400 is state-of-the-art equipment and has been developed in close cooperation with a well-renowned German S 4 research laboratory.

BPS 400 has been used for many years and is well-proven

BPS 400 is a single, gastight full protective suit with adjustable external air supply

BPS 400 is available in various sizes

BPS 400 is made from top quality double-sided coated special fabric

BPS 400 has seams that are sealed on both sides, a gastight zipper and removable flange-mounted gloves

Depending on the requirements BSP 400 may be used with robust, lined gloves or – for more sensitive work – with thin lab gloves


A long gastight zipper facilitates putting on and taking off the suit.

4 pressure relief valves at the back of the head prevent pressure peaks in the suit even in case of extreme movement.

Special rims, that are made of flexible material with very elastic rubber rings, are attached to the sleeves and allow for quick and easy change of gloves without having to retract the sleeves to the inside.

Colour: yellow BPS 400 is available in different sizes.

BSP 400 is connected to a stationary external air supply with a minimum pressure of 5 to 7bar and a minimum air volume of approx. 400l/min/protective suit.

As different workstations must be reached within a laboratory, short interruptions of the air supply are necessary to go from one air supply connector to another. An additional HEPA filter at the air feed of the suit provides protection against possible contamination that may have gathered on the air supply coupling and must not get into the breathing air.


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