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The Indoor NBC-Protective Tent is a complete Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection System designed for use at home or at the office.

The tent provides a safe protected space for a maximum of 6 persons for an extended period of time.

The Tent System consists of:

  • Protective tent with overhead rope supports
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical filters in the blower
  • Zippered entry to the tent to prevent the loss of positive pressure
  • Filter-blower unit is powered by an electric motor and has a manual hand crank back-up drive easily operable by one person
  • Filter-blower removal of coarse particles from the intake air
  • Emergency light functional in manual operation
  • The system components are packed in a special container for rapid deployment
  • Can be made fully operational in less than 15 minutes

Pre-Filter Specifications

Air intake is provided with a replaceable pre-filter cartridge with a filter class G3 in accordance with standard EN 779.

NBC Filter Performance

  • Gas filter capacity for Blister Agents (such as Mustard Gas) min. 2.2kg
  • Gas filter capacity for Nerve Agents (such as Sarin, Soman, VX) min. 0.25kg
  • Gas filter capacity for Generally Poisonous Gases (such as Hydrogen Cyanide) min. 0.26kg
  • Gas filter efficiency for removal of radioactive methyl iodine I131, CH3 99.995% for dry air (RH max. 60%) provided the activated carbon is dry
  • Particle filter for particles with size distribution between 0.1 and 0.3μm better than 99.995% measured in accordance with standard DIN 24183

Ventilation System Performance

Nominal airflow rates:

  • 50m³/h in electric motor drive
  • 35m³/h in hand crank drive
  • The ventilation flow rate is designed to keep the carbon dioxide (CO2) content below 0.5 vol.% even when the protective tent is occupied by the maximum number of persons for an extended period of time
  • Minimum positive pressure sustained in the Protective Tent 25Pa

Blower Unit Specification

  • Electric motor 125V, 65Hz (or 230V, 50Hz), 190W, 1-phase
  • Hand crank for manual operation. Max. power input in manual blower operation 60W
  • 6V mini-generator feeding a 3W emergency light in manual blower operation
Protective Tent Specification

Floor material

  • PVC-coated 1100dtex polyester fabric

Material of side walls and ceiling

  • Polyurethane and silicone coated 235dtex polyamide fabric


Packed: 580 x 790 x 980mm
(L x W x H)
Deployed size of Protective Tent: 2500 x 3710 x 2100mm
(L x W x H)
Inside area of Protective Tent: 7.4m²
Total weight: 70kg


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